The issue of LED Flood Light Flashing or flickering

50w flood led light

A common issue associated with using LED flood lights is flashing or flickering. This disruption in the consistent light stream can be distracting and annoying for users.
Learn the causes of LED floodlights flashing, troubleshooting tips, and why selecting quality equipment is important for avoiding this issue.

What Are LED Flood Lights?
Floodlighting bulbs and fixtures can be installed in commercial or at home. They may be spot illuminating outdoor areas at dusk and dawn, or on an indoor switch controlled by the user.

Why Is My LED Flood Light Flashing?
LED floodlights may flash or flicker for many reasons. Common causes include:
• Fluctuations in the home or building’s voltage, such as when other appliances or electrical systems are in use, causing fluctuating loads.
• High watt surges when an appliance or electrical system is turned on.
• Loose connections, between the bulb and fixture or wiring within the fixture.
• A bad dimmer switch. LED lights must operate with appropriate dimmers – the same dimmers you use with incandescent or halogen bulbs can actually cause flickering in LEDs. These switches reduce the volts to produce a dimming effect, which is not appropriate for LED bulbs.

Troubleshooting Flashing LED Lights
A flickering or flashing LED bulb does not necessarily mean the bulb needs to be replaced. In some cases, simple troubleshooting can solve the troublesome flashing, restoring function and saving you the cost of replacement. Try the troubleshooting tips below to resolve flood light flashing.
1. Check your electrical current. LED flood lights may flicker if there are voltage changes in the fixture’s wiring. Current fluctuations are often to blame for the occasional flickering or flashing of an LED flood light. If your flood lights flicker when another appliance or electrical system is in use, a voltage fluctuation is likely to blame. Solving fluctuating load issues within your electrical system can resolve flood light flashing.
2. Look for high watt surges. If your Led flood lights tend to flicker when other appliances come on, surge wattage could be to blame. When an appliance turns on and draws power, it can drain the power required by the LED lights, dropping the home’s voltage. Moving problematic appliances to a dedicated circuit can solve this issue.
3. Tighten connections. Loose connections may be to blame for a flickering light. If the LED bulb is not screwed in tightly to the fixture, flashing may occur – try tightening your flood bulbs. Loose wiring connections within the fixture may also be to blame. Disconnect power to your flood light circuit and tighten all wiring connections in and to the fixture.
4. Clean connections. If tightening your flood bulbs does not resolve flickering, dust or debris within the fixture connections could be causing the loose connection leading to flickering. Using compressed air, blow out the fixture’s connection point. Reposition the bulb and restore power once finished.

Why Buy Quality Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs?
Poor quality LED flood lights fixtures and bulbs may also contribute to the flickering or flashing experienced. Fixtures built with poor connections may make flashing a persistent problem, forcing replacement as the only solution.
When installing LED flood light fixtures, the quality of the fixture chosen is essential to function and user experience.
We(Mastled) offer a large selection of LED floodlights to provide targeted spot or broad lighting for outdoor applications, including:
• Entrance lighting
• Parking lots
• Pathways
• Landscaping
• Gardens
• Signage and displays

Our LED fixtures are designed to enhance safety and security of outdoor spaces and add visibility and illumination where needed. Our products utilize quality LED chips to deliver high lumen efficiency to guarantee our fixtures will deliver reliable and energy-efficient lighting, no matter the application. When outdoor safety and security are the matter at hand, choosing durable and reliable fixtures provides the peace of mind you need in such a critical application.

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