High Pressure Sodium to LED Conversion

high pressure sodium to led conversion

Do you plan to undertake that long-postponed high pressure sodium to LED conversion for the lighting in your home or office? LED is the newest and by far the best lighting technology available, using less wattage to produce high levels of brightness.


Indeed, high pressure sodium (HPS) lights are generally unmatched in terms of energy efficiency. However, there is exactly one other type of lighting that beats HPS in that category, and that is Light Emitting Diode (LED). The popularity of that technology is not just due to its energy efficiency. LED lamps produce light of a much higher quality, as opposed to the dim yellow one generated by HPS. Also, LEDs waste less energy producing waste heat, resulting in longer life and the best energy efficiency.

Additionally, HPS lamps pose a potential fire hazard, especially when you dispose of them. If such a lamp breaks, the exposed sodium metal can result in a fire.

High Pressure Sodium to LED Conversion Chart

Back in the day, more wattage meant more brightness. Nowadays, however, the situation is drastically different. A LED lamp uses 30 watts quite differently from an HPS one. The current unit for measuring brightness is the lumen, which represents the amount of light produced by a bulb or a lamp.

So, to illustrate our point, let’s have a look at our HPS to LED conversion chart.

  • 70 watt HPS = 40 watt LED
  • 100 watt HPS = 50-60 watt LED
  • 150 watt HPS = 80-90 watt LED
  • 250 watt HPS = 90-125 watt LED

As you can see, LED lights use far less energy to produce light of a much better quality. Needless to say, converting from HPS to LED is definitely something you should consider for your home or office.

Find the Right LED Light Fixtures

So, if you need help with your high pressure sodium to LED conversion, MastLED is here to help. We specialize in researching, manufacturing, and customization of LED light fixtures. Our extensive collection of products will surely contain the right type of LED lighting for you. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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