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Mastled Lighting Technology CO LTD specializes in researching, manufacturing and customization of LED indoor and outdoor light fixtures since 2008, with monthly output of over 50,000 lamps. Our product ranges are led corn light, led canopy light, led wall pack, led parking lot light, led UFO high bay, led flood light, led stadium light and led solar light with DLC/UL/CUL/CE/RoHS/SAA certification, and all come with a minimum five-year warranty.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most qualified products at the most satisfying speed to meet their individual needs, We want to be led by energy-saving and environmental protection lighting technology development, and to set up business partnerships and friendships with our clients on a mutually beneficial relationship, seeking win-win resolutions.

With higher energy efficiency and a longer lifespan than traditional incandescents and CFLs, LED lighting is unsurprisingly in high demand. “several years ago customers were still not very familiar with LED lighting, now they ask for it. The LED adoption rate keeps increasing year by year, and that means there is the huge market potential for us,” CEO Mr. John Pam says. “So product-wise, we will continue to develop highly functional LED retrofits and high-end commercial and residential lighting to satisfy market needs.”

Why buy from

We wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about us, and why you can buy from us with confidence.
We know you have a choice in lighting stores, and we thank you for considering us. We want to show you how we don’t just ask for your business, we EARN your business. It’s what has made us America’s favorite, fast growing, BBB A+ rated lighting one-stop shopping experience.
First, it starts with the people. Our team members on the phone or Email or Online are here to help you out from start to finish. With years of experience in lighting, each of our reps knows how to build the perfect, personalized lighting plan for you. Whether it’s a simple question or a complicated design requiring a computer photos study, every customer gets elite level customer service.
We believe lighting is a relationship business and we are committed to building your trust with every call.
Second, our products are second to none in quality. Our products team is constantly testing and researching lights to ensure that the lights you get meet our rigorous, high standards. With tens of millions in purchases every year, our teams have strong relationships with our suppliers to get top quality parts and maintain that quality with every shipment.
We use only premium components such as Cree, Epistar, Seoul and Lumiled LEDs. The LED drivers in our fixtures are typically Meanwell, Sosen, or invetronics. Other brands may work for a while, but we know that the building blocks of better components in our lights is critical to longevity and quality. LEDs are only cheaper if they last.
We then certify all of our lights. This process is expensive and time consuming for us, but knowledgeable consumers should demand it. Most lights are UL Listed for safety and DLC for performance. To get UL standards, every fixture is set to meet their rigorous standards for safety and quality control. Far beyond ISO 9000, the newer quality control standards require extreme levels of consistency but we can meet the challenge.
DLC stands for Design Lights Consortium and we pay them to certify our lights. If we say a light has 30,000 lumens and an 83 CRI score, they certify that we are correct in our products’ capabilities. You can look up certified lights right on their website. This certification makes our lights rebate eligible and ensures you are getting the light you paid for. Anyone can make up numbers about our lights, we can prove it.
Our lights can also meet unique requirements such as title 24 in California or other codes such as dark sky requirements. These certifications are a costly and lengthy process, but that process ensures that our products consistently perform and stay performing in the ways in which our customers expect them to.
Next, it’s about getting the products into your hands and into your projects. We have our own warehouses in the USA as well as third party logistics companies that keep lights in warehouses across the country. Your lights are computer picked to the fastest route. This enables us to meet your lighting project needs in the most efficient way possible. Or say you can receive them within 4 days.
Finally, it’s about backing everything up – our products, our service, our delivery, our quality. Whether it’s a simple issue like a return or install question, we are here to help. We warranty every part we sell, and we go to extensive lengths to make sure you’ll never need it. But If something does go wrong, we have the easiest warranty in the business. Our customer service team or sales will ensure you’re taken care of quickly and easily.
See how we EARN your business. Contact us today at or visit our website at

Wide Products Line

Our product ranges are led corn light, led canopy light, led wall pack, led parking lot light, led UFO high bay, led flood light, led stadium light, led solar light and led strip light.

R&D & Quality Control

All products have to undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory, including in-come material test, a hi-pot test, light distribution test, light depreciation test, drop test, vibration test and integrating sphere test.

High Quality

All products are 5 years warranty with DLC/UL/CUL/CE/RoHS/SAA certification. During warranty, free replacement can be provided.

Quick Ship

After got the order, it can be shipping out within 36 hours. You can receive them 3-5 days.

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