5 Things That You Didn’t Know About LED Parking Lot Light

Parking lots are everywhere and are so common that we associate them as part of a city backdrop. They make parking exceptionally convenient and efficient by providing a structured place dedicated to cars. Parking lots are often associated with large lights structured around them that give them their iconic look at night. They seem simple enough, but their processes can be pretty complex. Just LED parking lot lights alone have so much complexity involved that you will likely not know about.

However, keeping a parking lot lit can be pretty expensive as it has to stay lit throughout the night. These costs, along with electrical instruments costs, can increase for owners during the winter when sunlight availability is minimum. But what exactly is there to know about them? In this article, we will discuss that. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about LED parking lot lights.

1. LED lights are better than traditional HID lighting.

Most traditional parking lots use HID lamps that offer some great results but are nothing compared to the revolutionary LED light technology. LED lights can consist of multiple small bulbs that are LEDs made from semiconductors. Because of this, LED lights offer a more even light spread, making them ideal for parking lots. HID lights usually require bulky reflectors, which increases the cost. LED lights are also more power-efficient, give better lighting, and require almost no maintenance, making them cost-effective. It’s only a matter of time until LED lights begin to take over parking lots. For example, MastLED’s 150W LED Shoebox Area parking lot light is one you may likely see in some parking lots.

2. LED retrofit kits are a great alternative to replacement.

Since most parking lots have HID lamps, they may consider getting LED lights because of their benefits. However, replacing LED lights can be pretty expensive as these lights are up high on poles, and it can take a lot of time and effort to replace them. In such a situation, owners can use LED retrofits that allow you to improve the existing light technology that is part of their parking lot. This saves cost and allows them to retain the look and aesthetic of their parking lot, which many customers and visitors will have grown used to. However, the existing light poles must be compatible with LED retrofits for this to work. For example, MastLED’s Quick Ship 300W LED parking lot lights can be a good fit for any parking lot.

3. LED light pole placement can make a lot of difference.

Parking lots tend to be quite wide in area, which is why almost all parking lot lights are attached to tall poles. The height of the pole is instrumental in how much light will be spread out, so it should not be too high or too low. Efficient pole placement can make a lot of difference as it means owners will need fewer lights than usual, which means smaller short-term and long-term costs. Additionally, if HID lights are replaced with LED lights, this will also reduce the need for more pole lights as LED lights give more spread and better lighting.

4. LED parking lights can be integrated with control technology.

The great thing about LED lights is that it is an advanced technology compatible with adaptive technology. This technology can help further reduce the costs associated with lighting. This includes the ability to dim lights which can be helpful when an owner sees that there are not many cars parked in the area, such as during midnight. Sensors can also be attached near parking lights to increase the lighting when a car moves or parks near it. Combining all these options will give you more control which will reduce costs.

5. Parking lot lights make the area safer.

Parking lot lights illuminate the area for visitors, customers, and employees that can allow them to traverse the area safely and identify their cars when they are leaving. However, the main reason they are prioritized is that they make the area a lot safer. They reduce dark spots in the parking lot, which are typically perfect for criminals. In this way, visitors will feel safe and will be more likely to stop by.


Summing up

LED parking lot lights have a range of benefits and use that make them essential parts of a city’s infrastructure. We have discussed some interesting facts about them that you probably may not have known before. We hope this provides you insight and helps you appreciate the work that goes into keeping parking lots safe and lit.

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