Products Warranty Declaration

Hereby below are warranty terms provided by Mastled Lighting Technology Co LTD (Mastled) to Customers over products supplied by Mastled.

1) Customers hereby specified are those who purchase products DIRECTLY from Mastled.

2) The warranty applies in case of any of followings occurs:

  1. Failure of function caused by product quality failure.
  2. Products work flickering.
  3. Over 30% depreciation of light output compared with initial lumens of Ex-work goods.

3) Mastled takes liabilities hereby below under the limited warranty:

  1. Within the warranty period, Mastled provides free charge service for product repair, for those items are unable to be repaired, Mastled takes liability to supply fresh goods for replacement at no extra cost; in case the model of the defective item(s) is obsolete, Mastled take liabilities to replace the item(s) by similar grade ones at no cost or return the money.
  2. Product defective rate is specified to be 3‰, within the warranty period, Mastled bears shipping cost back and forth for replacing the defective item(s) for those orders with defective rates reaching or exceeding 3‰.

4) This warranty excludes the followings:

  1. Product failure caused by improper handling, installing, and(or) operating at Customer side such as damaging during transportation, incorrect wiring, incorrect voltage input, human failure broken etc.
  2. Products are lack of labels or other pieces of evidence to identify the correct manufacturing date of the products.
  3. Force majeure and other acts of God.

5) Warranty period: 5 years from the manufacturing date.

6) Verification of defective goods: customers are responsible to provide evidence such as clear pictures or videos to show the existence of related defects.

Mastled Lighting Technology Co LTD
Feb. 26th 2010

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