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Mastled established in 2009 and located in Shenzhen China. Specialized in outdoor and indoor lighting products such as silicon led neon light, led strip light, LED floodlight, LED linear light, led corn light, led parking lot light, led ufo high bay etc with DLC/UL/CUL/CE/ROHS certification. Our team has over 15 years experience in LED lighting, provide one-stop solution service for custo’​ mers, from projects planning, design, installation, technical support and maintenance.

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5 Things That You Didn’t Know About LED Parking Lot Light

Parking lots are everywhere and are so common that we associate them as part of a city backdrop. They make parking exceptionally convenient and efficient by providing a structured place dedicated to cars. Parking lots are often associated with large lights structured around them that give them their iconic look at night. They seem simple

Can you believe in 10-year warranties?

While most industry standard of led lighting drivers are warranted for three or five years by their manufacturers, you’ll see more and more lighting for sale that claims to have a “10-year warranty”. So how can the lighting outlast its power source? Let’s find out what the 10-year warranty really means. There have three reasons

3 Ways LED Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value

There are many approaches to increase the value of a house. One of the most straightforward and most practical approaches to building your house’s worth is by introducing LED lighting. As per Consumer Reports, utilizing LED lighting in your home can increase its worth by something like one to three percent. Maybe rather than continually



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