30W 4500Lumens LED Corn Bulb Replace 100W Metal Halide

  • Instant On, Shock and Vibration Resistant, Not Dimmable
  • Save over 80% instantly
  • Advanced Passive Aluminum Heatsink
  • Internal driver, input voltage AC100-277V/347V AC
  • LEDs on the bottom for full coverage
  • 50,000hours long life,REBATE ELIGIBLE – DLC 4.3 Qualified

Mastled 30 Watt corn cob bulb is suitable for enclosed luminaires. The corn cob led lights will maintain their lumen output for over 50,000 hours. Lumen maintenance is rated based on 70% of the original light output, which means that after 50,000+ hours your LED Corn Light will still give off 70% of the light that it was once originally emitting. During warranty, if any issue, free replacement can be provided. It can direct replacement for HPS, MHL, HQL, HID, CFL lamps, easy installation. Remove or bypass the ballast of the Metal Halide Lamp (MHL) & High-Pressure Sodium Lamp (HPSL) before installation.

Input  Power30W
Input Voltage100-277v AC/DC12-24V
Dimension3.7″D x 8.3″L (E26) – 3.7″D x 9.1″L (E39)
Color Temperature2200K/4000K/5000K/6000K
CoverClear Lens or Frosted Lens
Viewing Angle360 degree
Waterproof RatingIP64
Warranty5  years
Equivalent60W CFL/200-300W Incandescent/100W MH-HPS-HID

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