Heavy Duty 25W,50W,75W and 100w LED Construction Temporary String Light for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • 50,000-hour lamp life (24/7 for 6 yrs)
  • Waterproof plugs and UL-Listed cord
  • 5 LED Light bulbs spaced 10 feet apart
  • Can be connected up to 10 String work light Sets
  • Outdoor approved for wet locations
  • hook for easy attachment
  • High impact-resistant, and compact for easy transportation & storage

Mastled Heavy Duty LED Construction String Light comes with 25w,50w,75w and 100w. These LED construction string lights have 5 lights spaced 10 ft. apart, producing 2000 lumens per light. With 10,000 lumens total output of 5000K daylight, these work lights are ideal for job sites of any size.

They are easy to set up and great for both outdoor and indoor workspaces. They are linkable up to 12 strings, giving you the flexibility to illuminate different size areas. These LED lights are energy-efficient, using only 20 watts of energy per head. They are UL listed and come with a 5 years warranty, during warranty, if any issue, we will ship you a free replacement.




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