50 Watts LED Post Top Street and Area Lighting with E39 Mogul Base

  • Beam angle: full beam angle of 360°
  • MH/HPS/HID/MHL/CFL post top lamp retrofit
  • E26/E39 Screw Base Direct Install by bypass ballast
  • 100% Die Casting Heat Sink
  • Integral Driver with 6kv Surge Protection
  • Environment friendly, energy-saving (70~80%).
  • Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem

Review from one customer:

A bought a pair of these “corncob” bulbs to light the other half of my garage. If you glance that direction it really does seem like daylight in there now, it has fooled me more than once into thinking I’d left the garage door open. Pay particular attention to the thread size, these bulbs have an oversize thread and you’ll need an adapter to fit a standard household light socket. I bought an adapter from the same company and it worked well. Also, note that these bulbs are approximately the shape of a two-liter soda bottle so make sure you have plenty of room.

Input  Power50W
Input Voltage100-277v AC
Color Temperature4000K/5000K/5700K
BaseE26/ E27/E39/E40
Viewing Angle360 Degree
Warranty5  years
Equivalent100W CFL


1. Please turn off the power before install or change assembly parts

2. The input voltage and lamps should be matched, after connecting the power line, please make sure the wiring section is insulated

3. Make sure to remove or bypass the ballast in the fixtures before installing the lamps

4. IP Rating IP64, Suitable for damp locations. Do not use with dimmers


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